Painting Tips and Latest Work

Seaside Stroll

My latest oil painting is a beach with a couple walking on the colorful sand .This 6×6 original oil on gessoboard panel can be yours in a sale by auction. My inspiration for this painting is the Fort Lauderdale Beach. I notice how the beach has so many colors,... read more

Getting Feet Wet

This colorful shorebird is wading through the water looking for food. The bird is “Getting Feet Wet” as he skims along in the shallow water along the beach and incoming waves. Often called sandpiper birds these cute birds can be found running along the... read more

Wading Birds

Wading birds is an original oil on gessoboard and is my latest bird painting. The shorebirds are wading in shallow water looking for food. Bending over with their beaks in the water and their butts in the air these 3 beach birds are so cute. This seascape was fun to... read more

Waves Ft Lauderdale

This original oil painting of Ft Lauderdale Beach was painted on location plein aire style. The tide was low as the waves started breaking further out. The wind was strong and I had to keep everything anchored down. I sat under an umbrella as I painted the scene of... read more

Palms Beach Path

Palms Beach Path artwork is a new hand painted oil and is an original painting featuring a beach path through the palm trees! This original oil is not a print but a one of a kind hand painted oil on panel. This original art is painted on 6 inch by 6 inch canvas panel.... read more

“Beach Day”

Here is a beach umbrella oil painting and is the latest small alla prima oil painting of a beach scene. This is the view of the ocean from a beach chair at Fort Lauderdale Beach. I worked from a photo I took recently while sitting at the beach. It was a challenge to... read more

“Wave Runner” Bird

Beach painting of sandpiper bird running along the sand is featured in this 6×6 oil on gessoboard. Done in one sitting or alla prima style of oil painting I completed this today. These little birds are a favorite of mine. They run right along the waves on the... read more

Plein Air At the Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach is a new hand painted oil and is an original painting done plein air before noon.  This original oil features a view of the beach with trees and leaves in the foreground. Small waves were rolling in at North Fort Lauderdale Beach. This original... read more

On the Vine

On the Vine is the latest still life featuring three tomatoes on the vine. The tomatoes are sitting on my favorite homemade paper that has twine in a checkerboard pattern  Enjoyed painting these 3 tomatoes in alla prima style. Tomorrow I am painting a kiwi still life... read more

“The Big Apple” Still Life

Latest still life is a Big Apple, original oil on canvas. The apple is in a white cup and is sitting on handmade paper. The handmade paper has twine between two sheets of tan paper in a grid pattern. You can see the twine sticking out of the edges of the paper. This... read more


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P.J. Cook demonstrating at a gallery opening.

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"Spending most of my time at the shore, I seek to capture the beauty and serenity found along the New England coast and the birds and beaches of Southeastern Florida."

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