The Secret Food to Paint Tree Branches Like a Pro

The Secret Food to Paint Tree Branches With the flick of your hand paint tree branches with a common vegetable from your refridgerator. I was preparing Lacinato Kale for cooking. I’ve seen on the Dr Oz Show an easy tip on how to shred the kale leaves off of the... read more

Beach Blanket Day

Working from my beach blanket day sketch I did on location at the Fort Lauderdale beach, I finished this pen and ink with watercolor painting today. I decided to use pen and ink first and then add the watercolor. After viewing the composition I went to a vertical... read more

Ocean View II

Landscape oil painting Ocean View II is being offered in a 99 cent auction with free shipping! Great chance to get an original oil painting as a gift or for yourself. Painted in an impressionism style with visible brushstrokes. This original oil has great texture... read more

A Beach Blanket Day Pencil Sketch

I did this pencil sketch at the beach today. The people in front of me were enjoying a beach blanket day and I decided to draw the umbrella, water, waves and the people. Again I tried to keep my pencil on the paper without lifting it for as long as I could. I started... read more

Kitesurfing Ft Lauderdale Beach

Here is the finished watercolor painting of kitesurfing off Ft Lauderdale Beach. This artwork features people watching as well as the kitesurfer in the water. Working from my previous sketch I decided to use lighter blues in the background with stronger values in the... read more

Sketch of Kitesurfing off Ft Lauderdale

Here is my latest drawing of kitesurfing on a windy day off Ft Lauderdale beach. As you can see by the bend of the palm trees how windy it was that day. We had strong winds here for over a week and the kitesurfers were at all the local beaches. As I was looking for an... read more

Old VW Bus Camper At the Beach

Here is the old VW Bus Camper Van painting that I finished today. I focused on the camper itself, trying to make it look old. I used a smoother paper than I usually use. The smooth paper shows more brush strokes and lends itself to an old, mottled finish. I kept the... read more

Old VW Bus Camper Van Drawing

I tried a modified contour drawing of this old VW bus camper van that was parked at the Fort Lauderdale beach. When I say that I tried a modified contour drawing I was half successful. I intended to keep my pencil point on the paper throughout this drawing and I just... read more

Beach Zen

Are you seeking a zen state of mind? A peaceful, relaxed togetherness of body and mind. Try riding your bicycle to the beach. Beach Zen is a new original painting featuring a beach, palm tree and a bicycle. Is it the horizon, the beautiful color, or the sound of the... read more

Beach Day II

Similar to the sand dune paintings I have been painting in oil, this Beach Day is done in watercolor. This original painting focuses on the shrubs, grass and small trees found along the beach. Closer to the water is a child and parent enjoying a beach day. My process... read more




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P.J. Cook demonstrating at a gallery opening.

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"Spending most of my time at the shore, I seek to capture the beauty and serenity found along the New England coast and the birds and beaches of Southeastern Florida."

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