Morning Daisies Oil Painting

Just finished this 12×12 inch floral painting. These daisies were sitting on my table and the morning sun was creating beautiful light through the orange glass vase. The backlighting was fun to paint for a change. I had to establish the values in the background... read more

How to Paint Ocean Waves Using Wax Resist

I was looking for an easy way to paint ocean waves in a recent watercolor painting. Instead of masking fluid I opted for a piece of old wax melt. Yes it was scented at one time but had lost most of its nice smell, probably a vanilla cupcake scent. Who doesn’t... read more

Sandpiper Birds Watercolor

Today I painted 2 watercolors of ocean waves, sandy beaches and sandpiper birds. These little shorebirds are always seen running back and forth with the waves. My goal was to try to make them look like they are running. It’s not as easy as it looks. The... read more

For the Roses

Just finished this oil For the Roses on canvas of flowers in a mason jar. I worked from a floral bouquet that I had bought at Whole Foods. It included the mason jar that I can use again for more floral paintings. I wanted to have a big value contrast between the glass... read more

Daffodils the Color of Spring

Here is the finished oil painting of the daffodils in the blue vase. I worked mostly wet into wet so I could only do so much detail. That is something that I’m working on. I am looking for more expressive oil paintings with visible brushstrokes. With wet into... read more

Daffodils Work In Progress

New Daffodils work in progress is an oil on panel. I started with a pencil sketch of the daffodils in a glass vase. Using a 3B pencil I gave some value to the flowers pencil sketch.     After viewing the sketch I decided to add a darker background to the... read more

Catch the Breeze Kiteboarding

As I walk the beach here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I often see people kiteboarding. I like to watch the kiteboarder’s race across the ocean and fly over the waves. Not to mention the colorful kites! I decided to paint a big sky in this original oil painting.... read more

90 Miles to Cuba

90 Miles to Cuba is in Key West, Florida. It is a large marker or buoy that marks the southernmost point in the continental USA. Many tourists visit this spot near the water and take photos. My watercolor painting is of this buoy in the bright sunlight. There are many... read more

Beach Umbrellas

New original oil painting of colorful beach umbrellas with sunbathers on land and in the ocean. Long horizontal format for this ocean scene. I have quite a bit of texture in the beach sand, water and sky. The ocean is an aqua, teal color along with an area in the sky.... read more

Red Bicycle

Just finished this watercolor of a red bicycle parked at the beach. On my walks I see many bikes that people have used to get to the beach. Parking is often hard to find here in Fort Lauderdale so a bicycle is a great choice if it is too far to walk. This beach... read more




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P.J. Cook demonstrating at a gallery opening.

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"Spending most of my time at the shore, I seek to capture the beauty and serenity found along the New England coast and the birds and beaches of Southeastern Florida."

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