Surfer Catching A Wave

Yesterday afternoon it was beautiful at the beach. An offshore breeze with nice rolling waves were breaking at the shore. There were many surfers trying to catch the perfect wave. I took a few photos with my cellphone and went home and painted the surfer painting... read more

Paddle Surfing

Surfers and paddle boarders were out all along the beach riding the waves. I wanted to capture the man paddle surfing in the breaking ocean waves. He really was very good and stayed up on the board for long periods of time. Paddle Surfing Details I started this... read more

Sketching Ft Lauderdale Beach

Sketching Ft. Lauderdale Beach on a Saturday afternoon is great for drawing figures. The beach is filled with figures big and small. Hats, sunglasses, shorts and bathing suits in all colors. Figuring out what to leave in and what to take out in this pencil sketch. I... read more

Sea Colors

“Sea Colors” is full of action featuring an ocean wave breaking near the shore. Pretty color throughout this 8 x 10 inch oil paint on panel. Aqua, sea green and blue colors dominate this art. Orange peeks through from the background to complement the blues. The action... read more

How to Paint Beach Figures

Take a scrap piece of watercolor paper or the back of an old painting for this tutorial on how to paint beach figures. Quickly sketch in pencil your beach figures. No need to be too accurate. (I know that part is tough for me too.) Using a large mop paintbrush load... read more

Snow Scene Landscape

Snow scene landscape painting is the latest artwork offered in an auction with free shipping. Click to View Auction. Pretty color throughout this winter scene. The light in the background features yellow, violet and blue. An original watercolor is 11″ x... read more

Quick Figures In Watercolor

Painting quick figures in watercolor is a great way to improve your painting skills. I painted the father and 2 boys from a quick sketch done on location and photos that I took at the scene. I sometimes just use the back of old watercolor paintings or any scraps of... read more

Lauderdale Beach Light

Nice 6 x 6 oil on panel from Fort Lauderdale Beach. Great gift idea plus I’m offering free shipping. Will arrive by the holiday’s. Latest oil painting is from Lauderdale Beach in Florida. This 6 x 6 inch oil painting is on a 1/4 raised panel with a slot in... read more

Pretty in Pink Floral

Pretty in pink floral is an original watercolor on Arches 260 lb. watercolor paper. This weight paper does not need stretching because it is heavy enough to lay flat when painting. I like to paint in watercolor with my board at an angle, Working from an old photograph... read more




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P.J. Cook demonstrating at a gallery opening.

About Me

"Spending most of my time at the shore, I seek to capture the beauty and serenity found along the New England coast and the birds and beaches of Southeastern Florida."

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Have now purchased 3 paintings and they are all outstanding!! All around A++

Absolutely love this painting! Looks even better than in the picture!


Beautiful piece! Arrived in great condition. Well packaged. Thanks.

Thank you, I think the painting is beautiful and I will give it a great home.

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