Painting Tips and Latest Work

The Zen of Painting At the Beach

I’ve been painting plein air oil paintings at south Florida beaches and despite some difficult conditions it can be a zen experience. Who wouldn’t want to paint in your bathing suit! Below are some tips for plein air painting at the beach. good umbrella... read more

Ocean Showers

This was my view from Fort Lauderdale beach this past week. There was a shower looking north and a shower looking south that was moving onshore. I decided to take a few photos with my phone and paint indoors but not before I had to run so I would not get too wet. The... read more

Fort Lauderdale Beach

My latest painting is the Fort Lauderdale Beach with the incoming waves. This is a 6″x 6″ original oil on gesso-board. I started with a textured ground or under-painting that you can see the raised strokes throughout the painting. There is also some of the... read more

“The Big Apple” Auction

Buy at no reserve auction, ends tonight 9:30pm eastern. Great chance to get an original oil painting on canvas. Click button below. Sold The Big Apple Details Genre: Still Life Media: Oil on canvas Size: 8″x... read more

The Iron Gate

This original oil features an elaborate wrought iron gate on the shore of Long Island Sound. The gate is at Harkness Park in Waterford, CT where there are many gardens and gates throughout the property. I wanted to paint this wrought iron gate with the afternoon... read more

Florida Sunrise

This new painting features a Florida Sunrise at Fort Lauderdale Beach. There is an overall warm glow to this oil painting with warm clouds and sand. I like to go to the beach in the morning to see the nice colors in the sky and water. This original oil on gesso-board... read more

Make Pochade Box for $5

I made this pochade box for $5 and I use it for plein air painting. I like to paint on 6″x 6″ gesso-boards and canvas panels so I made this box to fit that size panels. The canvas panel sits inside the recessed lid and is held in place with 2 offset clips... read more

Sunbathe Beach Chairs

This new seascape features beach chairs with two blue striped towels, ready for sunbathing. I was on the Fort Lauderdale Beach with these chairs right in front of me on the beach, they looked so inviting. The original oil painting features ocean waves breaking and a... read more

Seaside Stroll

My latest oil painting is a beach with a couple walking on the colorful sand .This 6×6 original oil on gessoboard panel can be yours in a sale by auction. My inspiration for this painting is the Fort Lauderdale Beach. I notice how the beach has so many colors,... read more

Getting Feet Wet

This colorful shorebird is wading through the water looking for food. The bird is “Getting Feet Wet” as he skims along in the shallow water along the beach and incoming waves. Often called sandpiper birds these cute birds can be found running along the... read more


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P.J. Cook demonstrating at a gallery opening.

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"Spending most of my time at the shore, I seek to capture the beauty and serenity found along the New England coast and the birds and beaches of Southeastern Florida."

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