Tips for Better Drawing and Design

Tips for Better Drawing 25 AUGUST, 2016 Better Drawing Design Tips Take these steps for better drawing and design in your next sketch. Improving the composition is the way to take 3 steps forward in your artwork. I mean 3 huge steps forward to better design. The first... read more

Red Barn in Summer

Red Barn In Summer 20 AUGUST, 2016 Watercolor Landscape Artwork New watercolor of the Connecticut countryside. Pleasant scene of a red barn in the background of a large tree and fence. Sketching on location is important to get the feel of a place. Draw from different... read more

Try Big Brush Painting

Big Brush Painting 10 August, 2016 Painting Techniques Original Art For a dynamic, bolder style in your paintings take out the biggest brush you own. I have an old Winsor & Newton size 20 flat brush that I used for almost the entire “Sheep with her... read more

“Paired Up” Laughing Gulls

Paired Up 20 JULY, 2016 Watercolor Techniques Original Art Paired Up is an original watercolor of laughing gulls. I saw these shorebirds in the shallow water when I was kayaking. I had my camera with me so I worked from those photos back in my studio. This watercolor... read more

Morning Palms

Morning Palms 7 JULY, 2016 Painting Techniques Original Art Morning palms is a new 11x14 inch acrylic on canvas painting. I worked with paint that was transparent, translucent and opaque. Starting with a gold underpainting I painted the initial composition. Adding the... read more

Firework Palm Tree

5 JULY, 2016 Painting Techniques Acrylic Experimenting Throwing all caution to the wind I painted this palm tree after viewing the fireworks at Ft Lauderdale Beach last night. It’s good to break from your normal painting routine and have fun trying new supplies... read more

Dune Radiance

Dune Radiance 23 JUNE, 2016 Painting Techniques Original Art Dune Radiance is the finished painting from the “What is an Underpainting” post from June 20th. Sometimes when I go to the beach I’m struck by the brilliant color. The sand and ocean are bright and the... read more

What is an Underpainting

The initial layer of paint applied to the canvas or panel can be the underpainting. It is usually a thin layer of paint used to tone the canvas. Sometimes it is easier to cover the stark white canvas staring back at you when starting a new painting. The underpainting... read more

Beach Scene Tutorial

Starting new beach scene landscape with a bicycle in the foreground. First I painted in a yellow/orange wash to view the composition. This initial wash adds value and shows the basic composition of the scene. Watch how I start painting the sky in this beach bicycle... read more

Doughnut Day

In honor of National Doughnut Day I painted this donut in oil paint. This glazed cruller on a napkin was what I picked for my free donut yesterday. I usually don’t eat doughnuts but decided to treat myself for National Doughnut Day. Then I decided to paint a... read more

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P.J. Cook demonstrating at a gallery opening.

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"Spending most of my time at the shore, I seek to capture the beauty and serenity found along the New England coast and the birds and beaches of Southeastern Florida."

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