wave painting underway by artist PJ Cook

Unfinished wave painting by artist PJ Cook. Follow along step by step as she completes this oil painting.


After viewing the wave painting in oil paint on canvas from the previous post, I decided to change the breaking wave in the top half of this marine art painting. I wanted a natural looking ocean wave with a look of ACTION. After all that is what an ocean wave is, powerful moving water.

closeup of unfinished ocean wave oil painting by artist PJ Cook

Wave Painting Details

I reworked the shape and colors in the wave, going from the turquoise colors of the previous version shown above to a more subdued green.  I think the wave has a natural look and feel now. I am not finished with the seascape wave painting yet. I will continue refining the water and foam and continue painting the rocks. These wave paintings take a long time to complete with all the detail in the water.  I’m working on another wave painting at the same time. The other painting has the wave breaking on a sandy beach and it is a long horizontal format. I will be posting the newest wave painting here on my blog in a few days.

If you have any comments on the two versions of the wave painting shown above send along your opinions and I will reply here on this blog. If you would like to receive blog updates just fill out your email in the box to the left “Subscribe for Blog Updates”.