Author: PJ Cook

Paint a Beach Scene in Watercolor and Line

Follow the steps to paint a beach scene in watercolor and line. This new painting is from Fort Lauderdale Beach and one of the many lifeguard stations. My goal was to show the activity at the beach on a weekend here in Florida. Pen and Ink Drawing Steps Using watercolor paper Arches 140 cold pressed that has been stretched and stapled to a board. Stretching the paper prevents any buckling in the paper as you’re working. It is a nice to paint and draw on paper that stays very flat throughout the application of washes and drawings. Start with...

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All In a Day’s Work Marine Art Painting

All In a Day’s Work Genre: Marine Art Media: oil on board Size: 8″ x 10″ Marine art is a favorite subject of mine. I came across this scene here in Fort Lauderdale of a young woman washing a boat. There were many boats of all sizes at the docks along the inlet and the 17th St. bridge. This woman worked efficiently, scrubbing and rinsing the exterior of this nice boat. After taking photos and a quick sketch I completed this oil painting back in my studio. Marine Art Inspiration There were great reflections from a large yacht that...

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Breezy Palms Watercolor

Inspiration There are fewer and fewer natural spaces along the shore. This stretch of land is now being developed along the Fort Lauderdale Beach with a large house. Before the land was transformed I took several photos of the fallen branches and natural wind-blown palms. With that in mind I approached this painting with wet into wet painting. Letting the color blend and flow at will. As area’s dried I added darker values with wet on dry painting. With the darkest values on the interesting palm tree as my focal point. While the initial washes were still wet I...

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Watercolor Tutorial: Quick Tip to Paint Grass

Painting grass can be tricky, it needs to be natural looking. In this new watercolor tutorial video I demonstrate how to paint dune grass. All levels of painters can learn and successfully use this painting technique for all types of grasses. Watercolor Tutorial Video   Usually I wet area where I want the grass. I drop in a variety of colors into the wet area. I use a variety of colors from the palette, such as, raw sienna, yellow ochre, quin. gold, burnt sienna, indian red, ultramarine blue, cerulean and indanthrone blue. Letting the colors blend in the wet...

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Watercolor Lesson Beach Scene and Palm Tree

Last week I gave a watercolor lesson here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The 3 hours were full of tips and techniques that I use in my paintings. Many tips were on materials, composition and the importance of sketching. Using one of my favorite subjects I demonstrated a watercolor from start to finish. Inspiration The variety of colors in the coastal palm trees and low bushes here in Florida are shown in this painting. Browns, cool greens, warm greens and yellows add variety to your painting. Take the time to look at all the green colors in the vegetation. Techniques...

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