Author: PJ Cook

Hand Painted Lazy Susan – Sunflower Painting

This is my latest painting project, a hand painted lazy Susan with a sunflower painting. I wanted to paint a closeup flower painting on the lazy susan and I decided to paint a sunflower in acrylic paint for all the sunflower lovers out there. The wood is natural color with a diameter of 15″.  After I finished painting the sunflower I put a thick protective finish over the whole top surface. Use contact page for price and shipping details or comment box below on this page. Thanks, PJ Wikipedia definition for a lazy Susan  “The lazy Susan is a rotating tray, usually circular, placed on top of a table to aid in moving food on a large table or counter top. Lazy Susan is also used to describe any type of small, hand-rotated flat platform, e.g. a rotating spice rack for a kitchen...

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Blue Seascape Oil Painting – final steps

My blue seascape oil painting is almost finished. I have not kept track of the total time spent on this painting because I work on other projects at the same time. But I have spent considerable time working on the detail in the water. The swirling water and foam in the bottom half of the canvas has taken the most time. While working on the rocks in the foreground I paint cool color on the top surface that reflect from the sky along with local color. The water on the rocks also reflects the sky color. I have more detail to do on the rocks and finishing up the foreground water in this seascape oil painting. It is important to step back often and look at your painting from a distance. Most paintings are viewed from several feet back not 1 foot away where the artist is...

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Seascape Oil Painting Step by Step – painted foreground water

I wanted to show all the steps to date for my seascape oil painting of the ocean wave.  This post shows each step to date in this painting. Starting with my value sketch shown here. Then I painted a color sketch with oil paint but done quickly. Then I started on a 18 x 24″ canvas with a drawing using my paint brush with blue oil paint. I added more background water and the sky with clouds. I continued working on the sky, painting the clouds and the sky color. Working down I painted the background water. Progressing to...

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Seascape In Oil – Next Step In Painting an Ocean Wave

Painting the ocean wave looks like I have not changed  much in the painting when you compare it to the previous post here Previous Blog Post. But actually I have spent considerable time working on the breaking wave and on the foam near the wave. There is a lot of detail in the lower half of my 18 x 24″ canvas. I continued refining the shadows of the foam on the wave itself with my sky color and some viridian green and a touch of alizarian crimson. I painted the foam trails in the wave itself where much of...

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Seascape Painting In Oil – Step 4 of Ocean Wave Painting

In step 4 of my seascape painting in oil I have painted highlights in the background waves and then continued painting the wave itself. The wave is painted with viridian green in the darkest area of the wave and I added white as the wave lightens.   The breaking wave is painted with white in the brightest areas. In the shadow the breaking foam is darkened with the sky color and a little alizarin crimson. The rocks are painted with cerulean blue and burnt sienna. The shadows on the rocks I used viridian with the burnt sienna.  For the lighter...

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Have now purchased 3 paintings and they are all outstanding!! All around A++

Absolutely love this painting! Looks even better than in the picture!


Beautiful piece! Arrived in great condition. Well packaged. Thanks.

Thank you, I think the painting is beautiful and I will give it a great home.

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