Author: PJ Cook

Seascape Painting – Second Step Is a Color Sketch

I painted a quick color sketch in oil on canvas textured paper for the seascape painting.  I worked small maybe 10″ x 12″ and used just a few colors, cerulean blue, burnt umber and white. I want to portray movement or action for the wave. There is contrasting value in the curl of the wave where inside the wave it is in shadow and the wave breaking next to that is white spray. There is not much detail in this quick painting, it’s purpose is to give me an idea for the color I will be using for the...

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Starting A Seascape Painting – The First Step is a Value Sketch

My next painting project is a seascape in oil paint and the first step is a value sketch. I am going to work from photos I took near Beavertail Light in Rhode Island. The shore is very rocky there, it almost looks like the Maine coast. I have a few nice photos of waves breaking near the rocks. My rough sketch shown here I did in black and grey marker. I wanted to establish the basic values of the painting to see if the composition worked. The long breaking wave with the curl and spray will be the focal...

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Still Life Oil Painting Finished

This is a large still life oil painting on canvas that I have just finished. I like to paint lily’s, it is one of my favorite flowers. I’m thinking of “Ambience” as the title. The size of the painting is 24″ x 30″. I will have this still life oil painting on display at the Old Saybrook Arts & Crafts Festival this weekend located at the town green. The show is Sat and Sun July 25 and 26, 10 to...

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How To Hang Paintings

How to hang paintings in a room is another way of personalizing your home. I have always felt one should buy art because they love the painting not because the painting would fit in a particular spot. Buy art because you love it and you will find a place to put it in your home. Have fun arranging your pictures, try different heights, positions, angles, groupings etc. The paintings in this photo are of 4 lily’s I did in oil. There is a variety of ways to hang these paintings: horizontal, vertical, a square, staggered, 2 on left side of a window or door and 2 on right side. You get the idea, arranging this grouping is endless. I had these paintings in a gallery and they arranged them a couple different ways and both ways looked great.             Check out this link for more ideas:...

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Beach Runners – Watercolor Painting of Sandpipers Running On the Sand

This is a painting I did of some little sandpipers that were at a beach on Long Island Sound. I watched these birds scurrying on the sand at the waters edge. I did a few sketches and took photos and painted this watercolor in my studio. This painting is 15″x 29″ overall and is framed in a whitewashed frame that compliments the painting nicely. This first photo below is a closeup of the painting. I used a nice bright blue for the water and added texture to the sand. I painted the birds realistically and showed them in different running positions. With the long horizontal format of the painting I was able to include several of the birds. The painting is double matted in acid free mat board and comes with a off white/biege driftwood like frame. Price: $450. Contact me with any questions about the painting or purchasing the painting. Thanks,...

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Have now purchased 3 paintings and they are all outstanding!! All around A++

Absolutely love this painting! Looks even better than in the picture!


Beautiful piece! Arrived in great condition. Well packaged. Thanks.

Thank you, I think the painting is beautiful and I will give it a great home.

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