My idea for painting a scene on a wood chair is a seascape. The chair will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. Read my previous post for auction details. The chair will look great in a beach cottage.

The scene will be the view walking towards the beach on a path through the sand dunes. The path is surrounded by sand dune fences with the shadows coming from the fence across the footprints in the sand. The ocean will be at the end of the path with a few puffy clouds and maybe a few birds and a sailboat in the distance.

I will need to design a piece of wood that will be attached to the back of the chair. Then I will paint the scene on the wood. I want to be able to still sit in the chair so my wood back will be sturdy. The painting on the seat of the chair is the beach sand with footprints going towards the water. I will work from the seascape sketch to layout the painting on the chair.

Look for my next post later this week for a photo of the wood back to be attached to the chair. Follow along with my project!