Finished Chair will be sold at auction to benefit a school. See previous posts for more details.

Progress is being made on the chair project. I needed a bigger surface on the back of the chair for my painting so I attached a wood back as you can see in the photo. I had the help of Sam Willard who is an experienced carpenter. He suggested the type of wood to use and how to attach it to the chair. I decided to use an arch on the back and Sam suggested a handle for the chair.

After drawing the shape on the wood we cut it to size and then cut the arch. The handle was cut first with a drill and a jigsaw for the rest of the hole to complete the handle. We sanded any rough edges and then used clamps to curve the board to the back of the existing chair. Holes were drilled for screws so it is securely attached to the chair. I filled the screw holes and then applied primer . I am now ready to paint my seascape. I took photos of each step and a before and after picture. Stay tuned for painting the scene on the chair!
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