I have finished painting the wood chair. This chair will be auctioned off in May for a charity. For my seascape painting I decided to use a beach path surrounded by a dune fence and have the fence posts be the back of the chair. I painted sand texture on the seat of the chair and added some seashells along with the footprints. I had the footprints get smaller as the path went further towards the water so it looked like the footprints were receding. This added some depth to the painting. I have a beach umbrella and 2 chairs on the sand and seagulls and sailboats in the distance. The legs and back of the chair I painted white and then painted a yellow glaze over the white and then dragged a grooved tool on the glaze to create small lines. It is a faux painting technique and I think it added interest to the rest of the chair. I then painted a matte finish over the entire chair to protect the finish.

This chair will be on display at the Lyme Tree Woman’s Exchange in Old Lyme for a few weeks. I will be painting more of these chairs and offering them for sale. I may be painting several different scenes on the chairs. I will also paint a particular scene if someone wants a specific picture on a chair.

For more details on the charity auction view previous posts for details. Thanks, and contact me at my email: pj@pjcookartist.com for more info on painting the chairs.