The seascape painting on a chair project is progressing. I am continuing to add layers of acrylic paint to my chair. In this photo I have my palette and paints and the chair all on my desktop. Sometimes I paint with the chair here or on the floor it depends what section I am working on.

The sand will probably take the most time to paint because I want all the footprints in the sand receding towards the water. This should create depth to the painting. I am planning to paint the rest of the chair with a gloss white paint in the areas without the artwork. It’s coming along and I should be finishing up in a few days.

I have a art show next weekend here in Old Lyme, CT. It is the Expressions Art Show and I have participated for several years now. It is at Lyme Art Association and many artists fill the gallery walls with their art for sale. The proceeds for the sale of the artwork go towards non-profit organizations and are listed on the postcard. I have included all the details for the show and I hope to see you there!
PJ Cook