This is my latest hand painted table, it is a more modern design with a white lily flower on the table top.  I have painted many lily flowers in all colors. I like this white lily with the blue shadows wrapping over the table edge. This is a natural birch wood table with an original acrylic painting of a lily flower. Protective glossy finish over the original painting for durability. Table top is 15″ diameter with a height of 18″. The painting flows over onto the edge of the table top for a 3 dimensional effect, all hand painted! Can be shipped, email or call for pricing: or 860-539-4457.

My next project will be two acrylic paintings, one of a sunflower and the other a pineapple. I am still working on the seascape oil painting and should have my next step done soon. So check back for my post on painting the ocean wave.
Thanks, PJ