Painting the ocean wave looks like I have not changed  much in the painting when you compare it to the previous post here Previous Blog Post. But actually I have spent considerable time working on the breaking wave and on the foam near the wave. There is a lot of detail in the lower half of my 18 x 24″ canvas.
I continued refining the shadows of the foam on the wave itself with my sky color and some viridian green and a touch of alizarian crimson. I painted the foam trails in the wave itself where much of it is in shadow. I paint in some of the spots of water with darker color and notice how some of it is brownish where the rock color is showing through.
So I will continue refining the wave and the foam as it moves towards the rocks in the foreground. This will take a considerable amount of time and attention to detail. That’s it for today, check back for further progress on painting an ocean wave.

Thanks, P.J. Cook