I wanted to show all the steps to date for my seascape oil painting of the ocean wave.  This post shows each step to date in this painting. Starting with my value sketch shown here.

Then I painted a color sketch with oil paint but done quickly.

Then I started on a 18 x 24″ canvas with a drawing using my paint brush with blue oil paint. I added more background water and the sky with clouds.

I continued working on the sky, painting the clouds and the sky color. Working down I painted the background water.

Progressing to the breaking wave detail and roughly painting in the foam and rocks in the foreground.

I have continued painting all the foam patterns on the water. Refining the breaking wave and I started painting the foreground rocks. I still have more to do, such as adding warm highlights to the painting and adding more detail.

I will be finishing the rocks next and then looking at the whole painting to see what areas need improvement.

I should have the next step done in a few days. Thanks, PJ Cook