In step 4 of my seascape painting in oil I have painted highlights in the background waves and then continued painting the wave itself. The wave is painted with viridian green in the darkest area of the wave and I added white as the wave lightens.   The breaking wave is painted with white in the brightest areas. In the shadow the breaking foam is darkened with the sky color and a little alizarin crimson. The rocks are painted with cerulean blue and burnt sienna. The shadows on the rocks I used viridian with the burnt sienna.  For the lighter sections of the rock I add some of the white/cerulean blue mixture from the sky.
Following my photograph for reference I start to work on the swirling foam. I am using all white and some sky color mixed in for the lightest foam. Painting around the darker water patterns I try to make the foam look like it is moving. I will continue to work on the swirling foam, this will take some time to complete. I will hopefully have this part of the painting near completion for my next post. Meanwhile I will be painting!

Thanks, PJ Cook