I have picked my color scheme for painting a watercolor of the Florence Griswold Museum. I want to use all transparent colors so the paper will show through and be more luminescent. My colors are new gamboge, raw sienna, brown madder, indigo, alizarin crimson, winsor red, sepia and winsor blue. I may not use all of these colors in the painting. I used a grey for the sky and the new gamboge for the flowers. I chose grey for the sky because the yellow house will pop more with a grey background. The green is Winsor blue and new gamboge mixed together. At this point I am keeping things loose in the foreground flowers.watercolor painting of the Florence Griswold Museum

I use the new gamboge for the museum and tone down the color with brown madder and raw sienna. I continue using mixtures of indigo, brown madder, winsor blue for the rest of the nuetral shades. I have started adding some of the architectual details on the building and the background trees.

Continuing in the painting a watercolor demonstration , I am covering less and less of the painting. This is called painting short. The more glazes used usually means less of the white of the paper will show through and the painting will be less transparent.