In Painting a blue moonlight scene in oil paint I need to work out the concept and composition of the painting. I have decided on a large 48″ x 48″ canvas, so right away I am working within a square format. I have a scene where the sky is going to be my center of interest. I want to paint a dramatic

moonlight sky with clouds. I have placed the horizon line low so the sky is the largest area in the painting. That will help set the stage for my area of interest.

Shown here in the photo is a value and line sketch painted on the canvas with a paintbrush thinned with turpentine. I used a burnt sienna color for this initial stage because I will be using that color throughout the painting. I paint this loosely, it will be used only for composition purposes. I am pleased with the composition and consider this a good start for my original concept of a dramatic moonlit sky along the shore.

Check back for the next step in “Painting A  Blue Moonlight Scene In Oil Paint – Next Step For a Successful Piece of Artwork”
Thanks, PJ