Sunflower Painting On a Wood Lazy Susan – makes a great gift for the holiday’s. This is a new sunflower acrylic painting that I have recently completed. The lazy susan is 15″ in diameter and will fit on most tables.
Thick, glossy finish adds depth to the painting underneath. The top surface is extremely durable and can be polished similar to a piece of wood furniture. These lazy susan’s will complement any table and make a great gift.

Below is a pink lily lazy susan, order yours with your favorite flower. The top spins nicely to accommodate several items such as salt & pepper shakers, napkin holders, oil and vinegar or a centerpiece. Whatever you routinely use on your table or counter. Each lazy susan is an original painting. Price is $75. each and can be shipped. Use contact page to inquire.
Thanks, PJ

pink lily hand painted on a wood lazy susan