This snow-scene landscape painting is a New England scene with ducks that seems appropriate for January here in Connecticut. The old mill and water wheel next to the frozen pond looked like a fun challenge to paint in watercolor. What appealed to me the most were the textures found on the mill.

Painting Technique – Textures

I used a combination of varied transparent washes to paint the textures. These were glazed in various areas of the wood using different colors for variety. On top of that I used a dry brush technique for the dark grain in the wood. Lastly I used a blade to scrape highlights on the wood.

I originally painted this watercolor painting without the ducks and open water. I felt the painting could use something more. I tossed around a few ideas then added the open water on the frozen pond and then added the ducks. I creatively added the wildlife into the painting. The ducks look like they belong in the painting. What do you think?