Winter Ducks here in New England arrive only when it is cold and there arrival is one of the things I enjoy in the cold winter here in Old Lyme, Connecticut. I call them winter birds because that is the only time of year that I see them. For the last several winters I have seen these ducks arrive when the cold weather starts and they disappear when our weather starts to warm up. I assume they have traveled from more northern climates to find open water.  This photo below I took on the Black Hall River here in Old Lyme. These ducks are Hooded Mergansers and they did not like me getting this close. They rapidly scurried around when they first spotted me and then they swam further away.  I took this photo quickly before they swam up the river away from me. These ducks are so unusual with their large feathered heads and black striping on their bodies. I may paint these winter ducks New England birds in oil on canvas or in watercolor some day and use this photo for reference. For that reason I always carry my camera and I take the time to notice my surroundings, give it a try you might see something interesting .