I have started  a small seascape of a Block Island Beach of rocks and big cliffs. This is an oil painting on canvas and I started with a fast line drawing seen on the left. I liked the composition so I went ahead and started the painting. This scene is of the cliffs on Block Island, Rhode Island. It is a beautiful spot located near the Southeast Lighthouse on the island. There are stairs to get down to the beach, many many stairs. But it is worth effort.

The following picture is the actual painting with the areas blocked in, I did a line drawing with sienna paint and you can see some of that showing thru at the bottom. I painted quickly at this stage to cover the canvas. I step back and view this from a distance to see how it looks. Any adjustments can easily be made at this stage. What steps do you take when painting a small canvas?

Check back for the next stage of this 8″ x 10″ oil painting on canvas of a Block Island Beach.