This scene is of the cliffs on Block Island, Rhode Island. It is a beautiful spot located near the Southeast Lighthouse on the island. There are stairs to get down to the beach, many many stairs. But it is worth the effort. I started this painting back in February and did not work on it until recently. I usually have several projects going at the same time so I have not worked on this painting for several months.

This is the original sketch to start this painting. The original post on this project was on February 22 and this is the link seascape-of-block-island-beach-follow.html .

I started this painting with a sienna wash and if you look in the finished painting that wash still shows through in a few areas. This gives a glow to the painting. You can see some of this sienna wash in step 2 of the painting shown here on the right. The final step in this painting was to add the figures walking on the beach.

Update: This original oil painting has been SOLD