There are endless ways to improve your paintings, the following are suggestions for adding texture to a painting and they can be used for any medium.  I happened to be using acrylic paint for this demonstration. Follow along and I guarantee this will improve your paintings.

Two ways to create texture in acrylic painting is to spatter paint and the other is to mix modeling paste with the paint. In the example above I spattered many different colors of paint onto the canvas.  I used a large brush loaded with paint and tapped the brush against my hand, dropping and spattering drops of paint. I used cobalt blue, raw sienna, yellow ochre, burnt umber and white.

Once that had dried I mixed modeling paste with yellow ochre and applied it with a palette knife, you can see the rough texture that created over the spattering. This technique is being used for a beach scene that I am painting and the section shown here is sand and pebbles, rocks and a log. My next post will show my progress with this seascape painting.

Experiment with different techniques like adding texture in your paintings and I guarantee it will improve your paintings.