Continuing Large Watercolor of Lily Flowers – When you compare this photo of the Lily Watercolor with the photo from the last post I have painted more of the pink flowers and leaves. I will continue in this fashion covering more and more of the paper. I am working from light to dark stepping back to view the painting from a distance to compare the values in the painting.



If you look at the photo from last week you can see the flower centers have a yellowish color. This is masking fluid that I painted on those areas to save the white of the paper. I will use masking fluid when there is fine detail and I want to paint loosely without getting paint in those detailed areas. I am using a Daler Rowney brand of art masking fluid on this painting but have used other brands with success. I will remove the mask from the style, filament and anthers of the flowers when I am finished painting the pink flower petals.