I am working on the oil painting of 2 seagulls resting on a beach. One of the seagulls is resting with his eyes closed while the other one is standing guard. At least that is what it looked like when I spotted these 2 gulls after a storm. They seemed to be resting after a strong, windy storm had gone through New England. Some seaweed had been washed up with the waves during the storm.

I am still working on this oil painting. The painting has quite a bit of texture as you can see in the closeup of the seagull. I have more work to do with the water and the seagulls, and should be finishing this up in the next few days. The canvas size is 18″ x 24″ and I have a nice white washed wood frame that complements the subject. Check back in a few days to see this seascape oil painting finished.