As I am finishing up my ocean wave seascape oil painting I take a few days or weeks to view the painting and decide if I can make improvements. After studying my beach painting I made a few value and color changes. The foreground wave skimming along the sand appeared too dark so I lightened that area. I added a greenish color to the light area of the crashing wave. This is closer to the actually color of the wave itself. I have continued to paint highlights on the breaker foam area with white oil paint and a little cadmium yellow light. This is helping the appearance of sunlight in the painting. I have added more texture to the sand with larger seashells.
As an artist these are all steps I take when finishing up an original painting. Knowing when the painting is finished can be difficult at times. An artist does not want to go too far and overwork the painting or not go far enough. That is why taking days or weeks to step away from the artwork can help an artist decide when the painting is done.

ocean wave with sandy beach oil painting by PJ Cook