This small watercolor was painted with only 3 colors. Look at the colors and values in this painting. It looks like many more colors were used to paint this sunset painting. Using transparent color is the key when painting with a limited palette. The three colors on my palette were Hansa Yellow, Red Rose Deep, and Thalo Blue. I am working on a video showing the painting process for these 3 color paintings. The video will show the materials and the watercolor painting techniques used to create a colorful watercolor.

colorful watercolor of florida sunset


More Examples of Paintings using this Technique

Any subject can be painted using this 3 color painting technique. Here are two examples of other paintings for sale that I have done with this technique  “Fisherman” and “Solitude” . It is fun and successful to paint this way. It is very different from a more traditional style of watercolor painting but I find it refreshing. Check back for my video on this style of painting.

Paintings for sale. This watercolor painting and others from this blog are all for sale. This sunset painting comes in an 8″ x 10″ white mat and can easily be shipped. Look for my new page where I will be offering these mini paintings for sale on my website. They make nice gifts!

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