This 11″x14″ oil on board started out as a plein air painting and then it was completed in my studio. Actually I started this plein air painting sitting in my car because of a passing shower then I moved back outside after the rain stopped. This view of looking through the foliage to the ocean is what I like about the southeastern coast of Florida. There can be thick trees close to the water and then it opens up to the Atlantic Ocean.

Plein Air Painting

sketch done with black marker for "Through the Trees" oil paintingThe first step for this plein air painting is the black marker sketch that you see here on the left. I liked how that looked so I then started on the painting itself. As the landscape painting progressed I made a few adjustments from my original sketch after viewing the painting from a distance. The original sketch included this large twist in the horizontal branch that ended up being too prominent so I removed it. Look at the sketch to see the large dark branch in the center that I removed.

In this plein air painting I used a variety of greens from a cool green that was almost a blue to a warm yellow green. After laying in the basic values in the painting I started adding more detail. I did work quite a while on the leaves in this painting. Before I left the area where I was painting I recorded the scene by taking photos for reference when I returned to my studio.

To purchase this original oil follow this link “Through the Trees” oil painting

through-the-trees oil painting