In this watercolor video tutorial P.J. Cook demonstrates how to paint a soft, glowing sky that is quick and easy. Follow along step by step in this painting lesson video how to paint using a wet into wet technique using 4 colors.
The following four colors were used in this painting: naples yellow, french ultramarine, light red and brown madder alizarin. This is a wet into wet technique and the key is to be all ready with your colors so that the entire sky can be painted before the paper dries.

This watercolor video tutorial is only 2 minutes long but I think that is how long it will take you to actually paint this sky if you are prepared before you start. So give it a try and let me know how it comes out. I will answer any questions you may have about the watercolor tutorial. It is important to be prepared with all your paints when using a wet into wet watercolor painting technique. You do not want to be stopping to get another tube of paint when you are in the middle of painting the sky. Timing when the paper is just wet enough will greatly improve your chances of painting a successful sky. So check out this watercolor video tutorial and let me know what you think! Thanks

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