The sandpiper birds oil painting on canvas is coming along well. I have continued working on the background wave that is pushing these little shorebirds to run away from this approaching water. This canvas is 8″ x 24″ so it is a very long horizontal painting. I liked this long horizontal for a row of sandpiper birds scurrying at the waters edge. Here is the first image from the start of this beach painting.

sandpiper birds painting


Here is the painting  as seen from the last post

update on sandpiper birds oil painting


Sandpiper Birds Painting Update


sandpiper birds running on beach oil painting

This is a closeup of the 3 birds on the right side of the painting. If you look at the oil painting closely you can see all the blues, pinks, violets and yellows that are in this painting.  I thought this would be more interesting than having just white, blue and gold colors.


I started adding the texture to the sandy beach along with the shadows from the birds. I continued adding the detail to the birds at this point with feather details and portraying the light and shadow areas of the birds to show form. Lastly I added the legs of the birds as they are running along the sand. I’m still far from finished with this sandpiper birds oil painting. I will continue refining the painting until I think it is finished. So check back in a few days to see another update on this painting. Or you can sign up for blog posts to be emailed to you when I write them by filling out the subscribe form at the left side of this page. Thanks