The sandpiper birds painting is coming along well and I have posted photos of the painting. The updated painting is probably about half finished at this point. The last post showed the orange background with the placement of the sandpipers on the canvas.

sandpiper birds painting

Sandpiper Birds Painting Update

As you can see in the sandpiper birds painting below I have busy working on this original oil painting. I started by laying in the background water. Showing some of the foam and clear water areas using a variety of colors. This will probably be changed quite a bit by the time this painting is finished. Same with the sand area, I basically lay in areas of sand with the intention of building on this color.

After painting the background I started painting the birds.  I have painted these sandpiper birds many times so I know them well. The sandpiper birds painted on wood tables has been a popular item for me and you can see one of these tables at this link hand painted sandpiper bird table. This time I am painting them on canvas. I will continue refining the whole painting until it is finished.

update on sandpiper birds oil painting

 I usually paint the birds darker at first and then build up to a lighter value. I want the birds to stand out against the lighter value of the water behind them. At the same time I am trying to make the birds look like they are running from this oncoming water. I saw several of these sandpipers this morning as I was walking on the beach here in southeastern Florida. I stopped and observed them as they were scurrying around the waves. I truly enjoy watching them. Check back to see another update on this original oil painting and you can also subscribe to get blog updates and my newsletter featuring new work on the left side of this page.