The next step in this new Flower Painting by the shore is to lay in the background. As you can see in the photo below of the canvas I have painted the background ocean and sky. The sun is coming from the left and this area will be light in value.  I am laying in a variety of greens in the grass area. This is a rather large area and I do not want this green to attract to much attention so it is important to tone down the green and use a variety of greens in this flower painting.



Another area that I have worked on is the perspective of the porch where the flowers are because this is the focal point. I want to be sure the angles of the roof and deck are correct and I did adjust some of the lines of the patio below the hanging flowers. At this point I want to cover the canvas with a rather quick layer of paint. I like to get the entire canvas blocked in so I can view the entire painting as a whole. Below is the first stage in this flower painting by the shore from the previous post.

First Step In Flower Painting


next step for landscape painting with flowers


Sketch For Flower Painting

My initial sketch for this painting was done very quickly with black marker. I did this sketch to see how the composition looked and whether any adjustments needed to be made to improve the overall composition. I liked how this flower painting looked at this point so I proceeded to the next step which was laying it out on canvas that you can see above.


sketch in marker for landscape painting with flowers