All stages of this painting of flowers are shown below as I work on this landscape oil painting on canvas.

oil painting of pretty hanging flowers

5th Stage in Painting of Flowers

The oil painting of flowers on a porch overlooking the ocean is coming along well. Below is the photo of step 5 as I paint this landscape oil painting.

5th step in Seaside porch with flowers landscape painting by artist P.J. Cook


I continued working on the porch details including the brick floor and the wood deck with the stone steps. I changed the layout of the brick because the previous pattern was over the top with the perspective in this painting. I decided to have a simpler pattern because there was already a lot going on in that area.  The background has been glazed over again as I refine each area. It is important to step back and analyze a painting to see if you are following your initial plan of values and color. If you look at each stage of this painting of flowers on a porch there are many adjustments being made as I work on each section. I usually hang a painting in progress on different walls and in different rooms so I can see how it looks in a variety of settings. It is amazing to see how different a painting can look in different areas around a home.

Fourth Step in Flower Oil Painting – Trees and Stone Wall



Third Step – Blocking In the Foreground

blocking in canvas with oil paint in this landscape with a porch and flowers


Second Step – Background

flower painting by the shore


First Step In Flower Oil Painting

starting new oil painting of flowers on a porch


Sketch For Flower Painting

sketch in marker for flower painting by the shore

P.J. Cook artist signature