Below is the different stages of this seascape painting as I was working. When you compare the more recent stages of completion you can see where I spent time  getting the water the way I wanted it.  Water can be quite time consuming depending on the level of detail.  After viewing this painting for a few weeks I decided to change the water. I replaced the blue water with a foam edge with clear water showing the sand below. I like this much better and I will be finishing this original oil painting soon. I will have a new blog post showing the completed painting and it will also be for sale on my home page under Seascapes.

sandpiper birds running on the beach oil painting by P.J. Cook


The detail on the shorebirds especially the feathers took some time to complete. As I have stated in previous posts of this painting I am happy with the texture in this painting. You can see the texture in the sand area and the texture highlights in the water.  Send me an comment below or use the contact page to inquire about purchasing this oil painting.

update on sandpiper birds oil painting

This shows the placement of the sandpipers for this oil painting.

sandpiper birds painting