oil painting underway of a porch with wicker furniture overlooking the ocean

I am continuing to paint the background of this oil painting of a porch with wicker furniture.


The oil painting of the pretty porch with wicker furniture is coming together. I have been working on the background sky, water and the distant land.  From there I painted the ceiling of the porch. There are some warm reflections that bounce up from the rug and chairs that can be seen on the ceiling. I am still working on the values in the entire painting. I need to be sure the darks are dark enough for the lights to appear bright. In order to get shadows and bright light there needs to be darks. It is the darks that will make it appear like the sun is shining. I am still working with just the four colors of oil paint: ultramarine blue, venetian red, yellow ochre and white.


limited palette oil painting

This pretty porch painting is about half finished and I am using a limited palette.


using a limited palette for a pretty porch painting

Blocking in the oil painting with the first layer of paint.


marker sketch for oil painting of a porch overlooking the ocean

Rough Sketch done in black marker of the layout for my next oil painting.