oil painting underway of porch overlooking the ocean

Oil painting underway of a pretty porch overlooking the ocean.

The oil painting of the porch with wicker furniture is coming together. I have been working on the wicker furniture and the striped cushions. After I put in some of the detail on the chairs I decided that the painting needed some flowers. Similar to my last oil painting of a porch click here to view I thought the hanging flowers would look nice here too. Using the limited colors I added the hanging flowers. This is just a base for the flowers and I will be adding brighter colors for the flowers as I continue refining this landscape oil painting. After adding the hanging flowers I also added a planter of geraniums on the wicker table.

Oil Painting Tip

It  is a good idea to step back and view your painting from a distance whenever you are working on a painting. When you are painting you are just 2 feet away for the painting and if you do not step back and look from a distance you may be disappointed after it is on a wall and you view it from across the room. So always view your painting during different stages of completion to see how it looks from different distances.