View the ocean from this quaint porch with pretty wicker furniture is the setting for my next seascape oil painting. I love these old porches with wicker furniture and flowers. I would like to view the ocean while sitting in one of those wicker chairs with the pretty floral cushions and just take in this peaceful shoreline view.

Sketch In Black Marker

Below is a small sketch done in black marker for view the ocean oil painting. I like to do a small sketch like this to see if the composition is good. This is an important step to see if my idea will make an appealing painting. If the composition is poor it will be difficult to have a nice painting no matter what you do after this stage.


marker sketch for view of the ocean oil painting of a porch overlooking the ocean

View the Ocean Pencil Sketch

This is a pencil sketch of the porch scene done in the actual canvas size which is 16″ x 20″. At this point I can still easily make any changes to the sketch that will improve the painting. After viewing the pencil sketch I decided that I would move the foreground pillar over to the left a little so it was not in the center of the canvas. Then I looked at the position of the wicker furniture and I decided to move forward and start the oil painting on canvas and then view the composition again. Check back to view the ocean in the next stage of an original landscape painting of a pretty porch with wicker furniture.

pencil drawing for view the ocean oil painting of a porch overlooking the ocean