I’m continuing to work on the original oil landscape painting of a pretty porch overlooking the ocean. There are still many areas that I will be working on. The wicker chairs and all the detail will probably be the most time consuming.  The rest of the architectural details need to be finished too. My goal of painting with a limited palette has kept the colors in this detailed painting to a minimum and I like that. Having too few colors is better than too many colors in a painting. As I work I introduce a new color only if it is absolutely necessary. My limited palette colors are french ultramarine, venetian red, yellow ochre and white. The flowers will probably need a brighter green with colorful blossoms so I will need to add a few colors for them. I have used a cadmium yellow light for some of the greens already. Check back to see how this pretty porch oil painting looks as I get closer to completing this landscape.

oil painting of porch

The pretty porch of wicker furniture is coming together as I continue to paint.