The oil painting of two seagulls resting on the beach after a storm is completed. After viewing this original oil for a while I decided that the painting needed better color. I then changed the overall color of the painting from a yellow base to more of a mauve color. The shadow colors are now leaning toward the violets and mauves with occasional highlights in those colors too.

two seagulls resting after storm oil painting

P. J. Cook, “After the Storm” Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches. ©2013

Adding More Detail

After making the color changes I then added more detail to the painting. The seagulls have more detail on their feathers and head area. After I was happy with those changes I then went to work on the beach sand area. There was considerable seaweed, shells and rocks that had washed up on the beach after the storm so I added more of them in the foreground. I added a one larger seashell among the seaweed with sand and pebbles in the foreground.

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