beach birds running along the sand

Here is an updated version of the oil painting of sandpiper birds running along the waves of this original oil painting. I wanted the background wave to blend in more in this painting so I lightened most of the original painting so the birds would be more of the focal point. This is an original oil on canvas with great texture throughout the entire painting. Some of the texture was achieved with a palette knife along with brushwork.

I am much happier with the outcome because now the birds can really be seen along with the waves. These beach birds are very tiny little birds that run along the sand. If you spend much time at the beach you probably have seen these cute little birds. They usually are in groups as they run in and out of the breaking waves looking for food. Because these sandpiper birds are so small it can be difficult to portray them along with the waves and make them prominent.

Beach Birds Purchase Info

The canvas is a wide format to show all the beach birds, the size is 24″ x 8″. This oil painting of sandpiper birds can be purchased online at the blue button link below or by visiting the Seascapes and Birds pages on my main website. Use the button below to view more information about this painting along with the price.

Beach Birds Purchase Information