sketch for oil painting of a beach house

I’m not sure about you but this would be my beach house wish. A quaint cape overlooking the water, on a beach, white picket fence and flowers. The black and white sketch above is for a new 16″ x 20″ oil painting on canvas that I am starting. Everything in this scene is nice but I am focusing on the sitting area on the deck. This seating area has 2 white chairs and a small table for a pleasant conversation area. The shadows on this front patio are nice with the bright afternoon sun giving a nice contrast with the chairs.

Beach House Wish

I came across this quaint beach house while I was visiting Block Island. The beach in the background is on a bay of water. Block Island is a great place to visit for the day or weekend. There are ferries that take you out to the island from various ports in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Long Island. There are many shops and scenic places to visit all within walking distance from the ferry.

One of my favorite places to visit are the cliffs and beach at Mohegan Bluffs. There is a beautiful beach at the base of the cliffs on the south shore of Block Island. Block-Island-CliffsThe image on the right is an oil painting that I did of the dramatic cliffs. Near the top of the bluffs is the Southeast Lighthouse.

Continuing my series of paintings on beach houses that overlook the ocean I am starting the third painting called Beach House Wish. I will be blogging on the different stages of the painting over the coming weeks. Check back to follow along or fill out the subscribe for blog updates to the left of this page to receive the blog post in your email when I write a new post. Do you have a favorite spot on Block Island? Share your trip memories below in the comment box. Thanks

Link on Block Island history.