“Going Ashore” is my latest original oil painting of a dory along the shoreline. The canvas size is 24″ by 20″ for this pretty scene along the shoreline. This painting features a rowboat that has been beached on the sand among the many rocks that dot the shore. The water is calm as the boat sits on the shore waiting. “Going Ashore” seems an appropriate name for this painting featuring a nice dory that has been rowed ashore.

oil painting of dory on beach by PJ Cook.

“Going Ashore” 18 x 24 oil on canvas, ©2018 PJ Cook

This painting will be for sale on the seascape page of my website or by following this link. If you have any questions regarding this painting please use the comment form below or the contact page. This original oil “Going Ashore” is sold in a wood picture frame.