Fort Lauderdale Beach, Ocean, waves

Ocean Showers Fort Lauderdale Beach ©2015 PJ Cook

This was my view from Fort Lauderdale beach this past week. There was a shower looking north and a shower looking south that was moving onshore. I decided to take a few photos with my phone and paint indoors but not before I had to run so I would not get too wet. The showers can move fast here even if you see them coming in the distance. It’s when the showers sneak up from behind you. It is too late to seek shelter and I have gotten completely drenched. The positive is that it is a warm drenching.

Ocean Showers Details

Genre: Seascape

Media: Oil on canvas panel

Size: 6″x 6″

There is an interesting orange ground or under-painting that adds a nice texture to this original oil painting. The orange ground peeks through in a few areas in this original oil painting.