sunlit porch with white bench and flowers oil painting PJ Cook.

“Sunlit Porch”, oil on gesso panel, ©2015 PJ Cook.

The bright sunlight on one end of the bench and flower window box is what I wanted to paint. The flowers were so bright against the white bench they just popped! The dark shadows helped to accentuate the sunlit areas. This traditional wood porch was beautiful and I wanted to paint that white bench.  I did a pencil sketch first and a quick value study then took photos for reference. Painted in alla prima style or in one sitting was a challenge with the wet paint and the white bench details. Painting with as few strokes as possible and with clean paint is important when painting in alla prima style.

Front Porch Flowers

Genre: Landscape

Medium: Oil on canvas panel

Size: 6″ x 6″

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This original art is painted on 6 inch by 6 inch canvas panel. This original oil painting is much nicer in person than viewing on a computer monitor. All materials are professional quality and will last indefinitely. Perfect to add to your art collection and a good chance to get an original oil painting. This small affordable oil painting would make a nice house-warming gift.  Thank you for viewing Sunlit Porch, and front porch flowers oil painting and is for sale on my website or send an email with any questions.