This watercolor tip is an amazingly easy way to mix a warm color, a cool color, a light value and a dark value using just 2 colorswatercolor color mixing tip. Being able to mix a wide variety of grey’s and greens is a must for successful watercolor landscapes. The best thing about this watercolor tutorial is that you have a color swatch chart to save for reference.

On the left is an example of one of the color charts that I painted. Starting with the top row on the left I mixed Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna to a mid value. Next I mix a warm color by using more Burnt Sienna. The 3rd box in row one has a cool color by using more of the Cobalt Blue color. The last square has a dark value color by using the same 2 colors.

As you can see in the example a wide array of color and value can be achieved from just 2 colors. This watercolor tutorial is just a sample of color mixing but I learned a lot from taking the time to make many different color combinations. This process will be different for each individual, there is no right or wrong. So take out your watercolors and try this amazing color mixing tip right now.

Watercolor Tip Details

Here is a list of the colors I used in the example to the right, but do not limit yourself to this list. I have many more of these color swatches in many different colors.


  • Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna
  • Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna
  • Cobalt and Raw Sienna
  • Cobalt and Raw Umber
  • Ultramarine and Raw Sienna
  • Cobalt and Light Red
  • Ultramarine and Light Red
  • Ultramarine and Raw Umber
  • Cobalt and Raw Sienna
  • Ultramarine and Raw Umber

Watercolor Tip: Amazing Color Mixing To Try Right Now