Here is my latest drawing of kitesurfing on a windy day off Ft Lauderdale beach. As you can see by the bend of the palm trees how windy it was that day. We had strong winds here for over a week and the kitesurfers were at all the local beaches. As I was looking for an interesting view I spotted some people sitting and watching the kitesurfing. The palm trees were really bent over from the wind, I did not exaggerate how bent over they were.

In this drawing I focused on shapes and how I could use the shapes for a good composition. I did the tree in the center with one continuous stroke, not lifting the pencil off the paper. So more of an outline of the basic shape. I went back in to add the holes between branches. I basically did the people the same way. I think it does help me capture more of a gesture of the subject and better shapes. I added the kites and the palm tree on the left last. I may work on connecting and merging some of the lines and shapes so I’m not showing every detail, something I’m working on.

I will probably paint this in watercolor and post it here on my blog on Saturday. So check back to see how this kitesurfing painting comes out.

pencil sketch of kiteboarding on a windy day off ft lauderdale beach in Florida by PJ Cook artist.