pink floral peonies watercolor floral painting

“Pretty In Pink”, 10 x 14 inch watercolor, ©2015 PJ Cook

Pretty in pink floral is an original watercolor on Arches 260 lb. watercolor paper. This weight paper does not need stretching because it is heavy enough to lay flat when painting. I like to paint in watercolor with my board at an angle, Working from an old photograph I sketched the flowers onto the paper. I did the drawing quickly, I did not want too much detail.

watercolor tutoral of pink floral

watercolor tutorial, ©2015 PJ Cook

I worked with a large brush for the background, using yellow, pink, blues and greens in a wet into wet wash. The brush is a 2″ wide hake brush that I like for backgrounds. I’m working wet into wet for as long as I can before the paper starts to lose its glisten. Then I wait until it is thoroughly dry before I work on the petals in this pink floral painting.

watercolor tutoral of pink floral

watercolor tutorial pink floral, ©2015 PJ Cook

Pink Floral Wrapup

I continue painting the peonies and the background leaves, adding the shadows and darks for last. I view the painting for a day and decide if I want to change anything. I try different cropping on the pink floral to see how the composition looks the best. I hope you enjoyed the different views in this watercolor tutorial of a pink floral. I will have this painting for sale on the Flowers page of my website.