This “Beach Stroll” watercolor of the waves and sky has a variety of watercolor techniques. I started by wetting some of the sky with water and left a few areas dry. This creates soft, blended edges and some crisp, hard edges. If you look at the sky you can see the blended colors versus the dry areas with the crisp edges. This gives variety and interest to the large area in the sky.

watercolor, tutorial, beach, clouds, couple walking

“Beach Stroll” original watercolor, 5.5 x 7.5, ©2016 PJ Cook.


Notice how the colors are muted closer to the horizon and the clouds are smaller and flatter in that area too. This gives the sky atmospheric perspective or it looks like it is further away.

The white areas in the waves were achieved with wax resist. I dragged wax across the paper where I wanted to save the white of the paper for the breaking waves.

The couple taking a beach stroll were painted last. I started with raw sienna, painting quick figures holding hands. Then I added the darks while the areas was still wet.

Notice that I am using watercolor paper that has some texture to it. This helps when using the watercolor techniques that I used in Beach Stroll.