Yesterday I did this pencil sketch of beach paddle tennis at the beach here in Fort Lauderdale. It was a nice sunny day and there was a lot of people at the shore. I decided to sketch these 2 men playing paddle tennis. It was much harder than it looks. To catch them in action when they were constantly moving was difficult. I am glad I had my eraser because I used it a few times during this pencil sketch.

paddle tennis sketch done at the beach

These guys were pretty good and kept a volley going for a long time. It was low tide so the sand was flat and hard close to the water. Ideal for playing beach paddle tennis. Maybe it’s called beach tennis I’m not sure. I may try this in watercolor to see if I can catch a scene with action in it. I will post the watercolor painting here on my blog. I can also use the wax resist technique that I am writing a blog post on. Wax resist is great for foam and breaking waves when painting in watercolor.