Surfers and paddle boarders were out all along the beach riding the waves. I wanted to capture the man paddle surfing in the breaking ocean waves. He really was very good and stayed up on the board for long periods of time.

Paddle Surfing Details

I started this original oil painting with an orange underpainting, the color can still be seen popping through in the finished painting. I then added layers of paint working dark to light. I used a palette knife for most of this stage. I continued adding lighter layers as the waves were moving into the foreground. I finished the paddle surfer with a paint brush. I added vertical reflections and spatter to finish this original oil painting featuring paddle surfing.

The title of this painting is “In the Zone” because this paddle surfer was certainly in the zone. I enjoyed watching him. For more details follow the link button below. If you have any questions on this painting or possible commissions use the contact page or comment below. Thanks.

paddle surfing, ocean wave, oil on panel, 8x10

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