90 Miles to Cuba is in Key West, Florida. It is a large marker or buoy that marks the southernmost point in the continental USA. Many tourists visit this spot near the water and take photos. My watercolor painting is of this buoy in the bright sunlight. There are many sightseeing stops within walking distance in Key West and this was one that I visited when I was in town.

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90 miles to Cuba watercolor painting, southernmost point in continental USA.

90 Miles to Cuba, watercolor, ©2016 PJ Cook.

90 Miles to Cuba Inspiration

The bright sunlight hitting the 90 miles to cuba buoy was what interested me in this scene. The big marker is very colorful with the stripes of red, yellow, black and white. With the bright sunlight comes great shadows and I worked on creating a composition with the buoy, people and the shadows. I decided to keep the background simple and focus on the southernmost point marker for the detail.

I repeated the red, blue, yellow and black colors between the figures and the buoy as I painted this Key West watercolor.