As I walk the beach here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I often see people kiteboarding. I like to watch the kiteboarder’s race across the ocean and fly over the waves. Not to mention the colorful kites!

I decided to paint a big sky in this original oil painting. With perspective in mind I started with a warmer grey at the top of the raised Gessobord. As I worked my way down I flattened the clouds as they got closer to the horizon line. I cooled the grey for those distant clouds for atmospheric perspective.

8 x 10 oil on board, kitesurfing, ocean, clouds featured in this original painting by artist PJ Cook.

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The blue sky area was handled with a gradation. Darker blue at the top and lighter as I painted down closer to the horizon line. The area just above the horizon had a little red color added for slight pinkish cast.

Using as many of the same colors I did in the sky I added the ocean waves and beach. The kiteboarder was painted last. If you look closely some of the orange under-painting color can be seen peeking through in small areas. I did start this original oil with a thin layer of orange that was used to tint the white Gessobord.